About Louise McCall Consulting

Louise McCall Consulting is a person centred business focussed on helping aged care and health education providers get things done. 

I specialise in reducing the overwhelm that comes with the legislated requirement to provide education and training for your staff.

I can provide you with a solution incorporating each aspect of development and design to delivery and evaluation of learning outcomes to ensure your staff are providing contemporary, evidence-based care and services.


  • has a PhD and a background in senior leadership roles in higher education.
  • is focused on quality outcomes for her customers
  • has a unique customer perspective
  • knows the market
  • worked as an advisor in high profile media aged care facilities with an emphasis on good governance and up skilling staff as an educator.

Louise combines her leadership and education skills with her passion for aged care so staff are equipped to provide safe quality care and services for their residents.

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July 12, 2021