Improving care through education.

Louise McCall

What can I do to help you?

As an expert in health, aged care and education I can work with you to provide an education solution to ensure your staff are providing contemporary, evidence-based care and services.

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  • Are you confident that the staff in your team/s have the knowledge to do the right thing?
  • Is education just another thing to do, amongst all the other priorities?
  • Are you lacking the appropriate transfer of your staff’s knowledge and skills to provide quality care and services to get your aged care service out of sanction?
  • Are your staff performing at their full potential?
  • Are you behind in your staff training?

Using my 4 step process I can:

Assess your needs.

I can assess what you have now against accreditation  standards, and your outcomes, so you know exactly where your gaps are.

Develop an Action Plan

Develop an implementation plan specifically for your service. Taking into consideration your staff profile and accreditation requirements

Deliver on the plan 

Engage with your staff to deliver the plan in the most appropriate way for you. Keeping in mind your business requirements.

Assess and evaluate improvements.

Assess how much impact the plan has really had. Evaluate both the plan and it's consequent transfer of knowledge to actual care.

Think your organisation's education profile is up to scratch?

Try my quiz to see how well you are really doing.

About Dr Louise McCall.

With a PHD in Education, and a background in senior leadership roles, I combine my leadership and education skills with my passion for health and aged care to make sure staff are equipped to provide safe quality care and services for the residents.

As an expert in education I believe that learning is essential to developing an environment of continuous improvement.

I specialise in reducing the overwhelm that comes with the legislated requirements to provide education and training for your staff.

Kalyna Care
St Basils Melbourne

They Say

Lubo Zhang

Clinical Care Manager, Residential Aged Care

"I would like to express my deepest appreciation for Louise McCall for her hard work and coaching during our working period. She is my knowledge source, has in-depth understanding of Aged Care Standards and broad knowledge of clinical care practice. She is passionate, professional and a great team leader. Her education sessions are tailored for different level of audience to ensure key messages could be understood by everyone. Its my pleasure to have her as my mentor, I would see her as a mountain in my career, try to climb and reach to the level she stands and see the beautiful view together."


Registered Nurse, BUPA

"I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing 6 weeks of training and your encouragement and inspiration along the way."

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July 12, 2021